***Disposable Mask and Proof of Vaccination Still Required***

Office policy is still if you leave Canada you must wait 2 weeks for an appt.  If you are scheduled and leave you must let me know asap. If not enough notice is given then payment must be made for appt. that must be cancelled. Thank you for understanding.

You did it again Sault Ste. Marie. Thank you so much for supporting Healing Holistics. I truly appreciate winning Platinum in Reflexology, Gold in Weight Loss and Nutrition and Silver in Manicures and Pedicures for 2022.  What in honour!!! 

This local community has made it possible for me to achieve a wonderful, fulfilling career. I am so happy to be able to improve your health and wellbeing holistically.

Thanks again for your supporting this small local business. 

Holistic Services

Holistic Assessment

Nut​ritional Consultation

Weight Loss

Supplement Reviews

Stress Reduction



~Sinus Relief Treatments

Skin Detox & Renew

~N​ot Available at this

time due to covid

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Detox Foot Spa

​Relax & soak in a tranquil spa atmosphere in a specialized foot bath exclusively at

Healing Holistics.

>Improve Energy

>Decrease Stress

>Purge Heavy Metals

>Reduce Pain & Swelling

>Boost Metabolism

>Increase Memory

>Enhance Immune System

>Improve Sleep

>Cleanse liver, kidneys,

and parasites.

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Spa Services



Spa Reflexology

~Aromatherapy Facial

Back Treatment

Aromatherapy Detox Spa


Relaxation Massage

Hand or Foot

Warm Wax Treatment

~Not Available at this

time due to covid

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Complete our Covid-19 Questionnaire


View Healing Holistics Safety Plan for Covid-19



In order to keep everyone as safe as possible...

 Please reschedule your appt. if:

*you have ANY symptoms of covid,

*have been around someone that has symptoms or has covid in the last 2 weeks

*have someone that has been identified as a close contact in your family or that you have been in close contact with.

*have been out of Canada in a last 2 weeks (this includes to Sault Michigan)

Thank you for understanding Christine



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