How Does this Detox Spa Work?

Toxins exit the body naturally through the sweat glands. Feet contain more sweat glands than anywhere else in the body. When clients begin a Platinum Energy Systems TM treatment, they place their feet in the Foot Spa with warm salt water. Toxins are eliminated as the specially designed system stimulates the sweat glands of the feet to expel their contents into the water. Saunas and steam rooms operate in the same way by eliminating toxins through the sweat glands.

The Platinum Detox Foot Spa Treatment

This treatment is a 30 minute detox foot spa in a relaxing, tranquil environment. The Platinum Energy Systems Foot Spa uses a stainless steel double helix coil instead of plates. This has a huge impact on the quality, consistency and effectiveness of the treatments. This design generates a stronger field and the effectiveness of each session is the same each time at 100% whereas effectiveness diminishes over time with other models as they become worn.  Two polarized electrodes in the array create an electromagnetic field when placed in warm, salted water. The array is designed to operate precisely.  This detoxification method using the Platinum Energy Systems Foot Spa: is safe, gentle, convenient and non-intrusive; has most gain with least pain; has scientifically proven results such as removing heavy metals, and does not require large amounts of time or sacrifice.