Full Body Scan backed by   130 years of scientific data. Looking into the iris I can determine body issues & genetic traits.

1 hr $57.50

Relax & soak in a specialized foot bath. 

>Improve Energy

>Decrease Stress

>Purge Heavy Metals

>Reduce Pain & Swelling

>Boost Metabolism

>Increase Memory

>Enhance Immune System

>Improve Sleep

>Cleanse liver, kidneys,

and parasites.

$60  10TH ONE FREE!

Sessions are customized to individuals needs.

Optimal diet plans,

weight loss, sports nutrition,

vegetarian counseling, proper food combining, improvement of digestion, detoxification diet plan, cholesterol reduction, blood sugar regulation, hormone balancing, arthritic diet plans, etc.    1/2 hr $35, 1 hr $55

Skin brushing with dry body brush & nourishing relaxation massage.

>Stimulates Circulation

>Removes Cellulite

>Cleanses Lymphatic System

>Exfoliates Skin

>Tones Muscles

>Tightens Skin

Initial 1/2 hr $45

Next $40

Session combines

aromatherapy inhalation, lymphatic drainage massage, & reflexology.

>Relieves pain & pressure

in the sinuses.

>Reduces Congestion

>Can Relieve Headaches

Effective for short or long term sinus congestion.

3/4 hr $45

Therapeutic foot or

hand massage.

>Improves Circulation

>Increases Energy

>Reduces Pain & Inflammation


>Reduces Stress

>Balances Organ Function

>Boosts Immunity

>Improves your Overall Health and Vitality!

1/2 hr $40, 1 hr $55

Hand Repair

Thorough hand clean up. Nail soak & clipping, scrub & hand and arm massage.  $30

Intensive Hand Repair

Includes all of the items in hand repair plus warm wax treatment.


Hot Oil Repair

Great for dry skin and calluses of the hands.


Foot Repair

Nail clipping, foot care, scrub,

& foot and calf massage.


Intensive Foot Repair

Includes all of the items in foot repair plus warm wax treatment.


Hot Oil Repair

Great for dry skin and calluses on the feet.


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Men's Facial

Includes deep pore cleaning, hot toweling, followed by relaxing massage, & a treatment mask customized to the skin’s needs.

1/2 hr $35, 1 hr $60

Back Treatment

Relax while your back is washed, exfoliated and massaged.

1 hr $65